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Simulations & Calculations

Structural analysis, deformation and stress analysis is extremely beneficial in manufacturing scenarios where cost, material, weight, strength need to be optimized or where safety factors need to be determined.

We perform structural analysis with compliance to Eurocode package EN 1993 and crane safety regulations EN13001 and compliance to other standard like BSK, ASME, PED and EN 13445. We perform also complex motion analysis predicting effects of dynamics and collision on structural integrity and machine stability. Failures can be predicted or investigated using linear and non-linear buckling analysis.

Structural analysis gives not only design confidence and product reliability but can together with design optimization give important benefits like less carbon footprint and technology head start before your competitors.

Fatigue and durability analysis

The majority of structural failures occur from fatigue which occurs when a material is subjected to time-varying loads. If the loads are above a certain threshold, microscopic cracks begin to form at the stress concentrators. Eventually a cracks will reach a critical size and will propagate suddenly, thus structural fractures and failures. The lifetime of the structures can be pre-longed by correct design and/or surface treatments, but the lifetime is not for eternity and a failure may have big consequences. Time-varying loads may also lead to vibrations and noise emissions if not properly damped.

We offer fatigue analysis for your product durability challenges in order to predict lifetime of component with respekt to required safety factors. This increases reliability and optimizes the maintenance intervals. Depending on component nature and application we can also optimize component geometry or its surroundings in order to increase the damping and thus both prolong lifetime and also reduce vibrations and noise emissions.

Our engineers are also trained to handle a range of different CAD/CAE systems, PDM systems and uses the robust design methodology as a backbone for all product design.

Simply, Seamless Design!

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Fluid & Thermo dynamics analysis

CFD is a simulation technique that mathematically simulates fluid flow and heat transfer.Thermodynamics analysis can be applied to a wide range of products such as heat sinks, heat exchangers, PCB, LED bulbs, solar heating application, human comfort applications, aerodynamic applications and many more.

We perform both steady state and transient thermodynamic analysis that gives crucial information about the product performance, life time and operating condition. CFD is becoming a tool of choice in many competitive markets, whether it´s an aerodynamic application reducing drag or a liquid flow application reducing turbulence, a CFD analysis can make all the difference for your product.

Applying these methods in a correct manner brings your product faster to market, reduce of development costs and ensures compliance to legal demands.

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