We are passionate about developing your products

About us

Deeng AB is a private owned company which was founded in 2014. We are a young and dynamic engineering and technical consultancy firm that is passionate about product development, simulation & calculations and six sigma analysis. We combine our competences and experience from numerous industries which connects the dots and brings your product creativity & innovation, high quality and detail precision. Deeng AB is located in Malmö (south of Sweden) and is active both in international and local projects.

Why Us?

We focus on engineering services and not on administration which leverages high output and low cost. We give you high quality services and keep our agreed deadlines. The competences we offer within product design, simulations and calculations increases the probability that your first design will succeed, which reduces the need for redesign loops and thus reduces development costs.

Six sigma analysis and robust design methodology gives you a better understanding of what factors are most important to your product and how these affects its function. Thru building mathematical models you will be able to predict results of your physical tests even for the most complex process.

Optimization of both dynamic and static applications means that you will get better products and a head start on your competitors.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bring the best out of your products and give them the leading position on the market. Leverage high quality meaningful business result at lowest possible development cost for our customers. Focus on engineering and long term partnership with both costumers and business partners.

Our vision is to be your obvious partner within engineering research and development.